Having played through the first two installments of the infamous series I was thoroughly looking forward to the third. My games library on the PS3 consisted of many open world/Sandbox games so you’d think i would have got sick of them by now (not including assassins creed 3 i did get sick of that game) but i was looking forward to the ‘next gen’ experience.

Popped the disc in the machine and up popped the visual delight that is infamous:Second Son. Delsin Rowe our protagonist in this story was an odd choice in my eyes after the callous exterior of Cole in the previous chapters. The trailer portrayed him as somewhat immature but saying this it still intrigued me. As a fresh start and new story direction (I will be downloading the DLC when it becomes available to link the series together) it’s solid. That’s right i said solid. I enjoyed every part of the story I’m not going into detail because i don’t want to input any spoilers, but its good. It carries the game well you can happily play along and hours melt by, it’s not over complicated….enough to keep even the intelligent interested but not to over powering that the wandering minds would return to that shiny red ball they’d spotted in the corner of their room.

The single player experience is padded out with various side missions and i hate using the word ‘padded out’ but that what it is.

After completing the first round of these you will soon find yourself grinding through them to regain control of certain districts.  After you’ve gained control of your first district you’ll soon realise that its a repeat performance to gain the remainder. I found this fun on the most part but it can become tedious.


Infamous uses a karma system to pull the good or bad side out of you. I followed the righteous path which increases the difficulty ever so slightly. To be righteous you are required to subdue enemies and help the needy, it makes things interesting as to subdue an enemy means carefully placed shots or close quarter knockouts to increase your karma. Once your karma level is filled your rewarded with a fantastic karma bomb. This move is designed to destroy/incapacitate your enemies in large groups to give you an opportunity to escape or to bask in your awesomeness!  The evil path is similar but with added satisfaction of allowing all hell to break loose. There are different powers to unlock depending on your karmic arc and this only adds to the replayability of the game.

The powers through the game are a welcome change of pace and mastering the strategies around these is how you succeed. Without strategy you will die (lots). The balance of difficulty of the D.U.P agents you encounter increases as you upgrade your powers and acquire new ones. Win Win on all counts, BUT if your strategic brain is top notch then smoke powers will allow you to dispose of  foes with ease so your requirement to change powers seems irrelevant (a friend of mine found video powers really annoying and useless).


Graphically the game impresses on all fronts from the textures to the particle generation. The movement and gameplay is fluid and the transition between different powers and movement capabilities is impressive. Saying that there are a few minor bugs and glitches that might find you trapped amongst fallen debris which needs looking at. I also noticed that the camera could occasionally jam in a ridiculously impossible position (rammed up against my crotch for example) when i was stood in the middle of a junction or if i turned into a building (accidentally of course…-_-).

A new mechanic added after the release is the paper chase missions. Linked to the game via a separate account online and placed throughout the district they add a different direction to the game. You use your web browser to investigate clues and then carry on the investigation in game. It helps explain certain story arcs and adds a very fresh turn into the district.


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