Gioteck have a fantastic history of providing value for money peripherals with good build quality and I am one of the fortunate to have grown up with this brand imprinted firmly in my psyche. For all of you that haven’t touched or placed upon your skulls a piece of Gioteck’s hardware you will not know the satisfaction of build quality mixed with passion that clearly stems from this companies love for games. Enough of history lessons we’re here to look at the companies new wired offering the HC-4. As I stated previously the HC-4 is a wired headset and upon opening the box your presented with what surprised me as a much larger headset than one was expecting. The headset is over-ear allowing for a very snug fit (this should not put anyone off that want a looser, ears can breathe fit as the headband can be adjusted accordingly to any width required) As you lift the headset from the box there are no tell tale creaks or squeaks, the reason I mention this is I have purchased in the past headsets that have had questionable build quality and in general this is the first indication that you will need your receipt very soon. The headset is solid to hold with swivelling cups to allow flat storage, the wire is not to cumbersome in length at around 2 feet it will accommodate everyone (unless your the slender man) and set up is a breeze and is as simple as plugging in headphones to your PS4 controller/Pc mic-headphone jack (xbox microsoft adapter) PS Vita / Nintendo 3DS / Mobile Phone. Yes the list above really is exhaustive as this headset works with everything. I was tempted to allow a friend to take it into his place of work to use for the day on the phones as he commented on how comfortable it was to wear. The ear cups are padded generously and will allow hours of use with out the need for readjusting. Sound quality is the key to any headset and the price ranges on offer are huge, if you want to spend upward of £300 on a headset you can but is it worth it? hc4ps4 Gioteck have trumped a lot of high end headsets in the past and the HC-4 is no different. Clear highs compliment perfectly balanced mids with the punch of the bass just to kick you when you need it I mean these things are awesome! To give you an idea of what I played through these ranged from Battlefield 4 to Resogun. I own an Official Playstation 4 Wireless 2.0 headset and these give those a run for their money and at over double the price that’s a huge compliment to Gioteck’s sound engineers to produce clarity that is affordable. To offer everyone sound quality of this level is nothing short of a miracle and this is where the passion for games is apparent. Gioteck are in it for the fans, the community….THE GAMERS they appreciate that a single footstep can indicate a death or a kill which is obvious in what they offer with the HC-4. To put it simply the balance in the sound is close to perfection, a shot fired from an SRR-61 in Battlefield 4 produces a satisfying bass punch with a sweet mid kick and a nice high ring that I could honestly listen to for hours. In Assassins Creed Unity the draw of a blade to the movement through grass is carried across in fantastic clarity. Moving to music from my HTC One Max (yes it’s a massive phone I get it) The clarity begins to wash slightly with tracks such as Killswitch Engage’s Holy Diver and generally anything with a complicated mix of heavy guitar melodies. Anything with a lighter note carries through beautifully offering clarity even at high volume. The microphone provided is fixed to the headset but can be pushed up when not in use allowing you to feel less like Britney Spears (not that we have anything against Miss Spears). Voice is clear and not distorted in the slightest. The style of the headset is reminiscent of the PlayStation 4’s sleek look sharp edges mixed with softer corners and a fantastic blue glow lets you as well as everyone else know your not to be disturbed. The left ear cup houses 4 buttons comprising of power / volume up / volume down / mic on/off if your not used to on headphone controls it will take a little getting used too. All levels must be corrected using your console/PC’s onboard audio settings as there is no way to change chat and game audio via the headset. To say this headset is LOUD is an understatement! They come with an inbuilt amplifier powered by a rechargeable battery that will provide even the most die hard gamer with 8 hours solid of audio bliss. The downside of this in-built amplifier is that no-one has thought to put a limiter in, the reason I say this is that you can (and probably will) turn up the volume to a level that distorts the sound terribly and could do lasting damage to the drivers.


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