With headsets arriving thick and fast from many of the major manufacturers I got hands on with the ThrustMaster Y-300p PS3/PS4 headset. Now I thought the Gioteck HC-4 was a big headset – I stand corrected, the Y300-p is HUGE. I mean this thing is gargantuan in comparison to most headsets but it’s also solid offering instant confidence that if this thing drops the floor is likely to be worse off than the headset. The Y300-p is well balanced but a little heavy overall i can imagine this being very noticeable over many hours of gaming but in that case a good neck workout will be on the cards as this is not wireless meaning it will stay with you as long as your eyes are open! The volume control has a number of helpful dials from microphone gain(volume) / main volume / treble / bass and 2 switches one to allow you to hear your own voice through your headset and one to turn the mic on and off. My favourite design point on the volume control unit is the addition of a predator style LED notifier when the microphone is on/off.

The Y300-p is officially licenced by Sony and one of the first ThrustMaster headsets I’ve ever used and setting this up is a straight reminder that it’s PS3 compatible. Having to plug the unit into the back of your television and the USB port of your PS4 is a pain, the cable is plenty long enough to reach wherever you need it too but if you own ninja ginger cats this is a nightmare! With the next gen consoles coming into their own it seems many in the industry are moving away from these overly wired headsets and providing all pre-amp controls via the earcup and a single wire to the controller. I appreciate that ThrustMaster want to appeal to as many players as possible but it’s time to bite the bullet and pick a side.

With the next gen consoles coming into their own it seems many in the industry are moving away from these overly wired headsets and providing all pre-amp controls via the earcup and a single wire to the controller. 


Assassin’s Creed: Unity – From the eagle’s cry as I dive quietly into a bale of hay from a ridiculous height (that no actual man could survive) to the silent hidden blade kills the headset ticks all the boxes, the small sounds placed there for headset players ring true. The treble is tight and mids give a sweet kick with the Bass rumble still offering a huge presence, but there’s something that I can’t put my finger on not quite there.

Load up Advanced Warfare: Exo Zombies and we get a very pleasant Bass rumble proving that this headset has a very good low range which is nice to hear with a lot of it’s competitors concentrating on tweaking mids and treble ranges to within an inch of your hearing range. The size of the cans become an after thought once your in the zone attempting to beat your high score and listening to the ringing of gunfire as you dispatch the undead, the over ear design providing fantastic noise cancellation and helping punch the basss firmly into your skull. After the first few rounds i realised that I could hear this noise, it wasn’t coming from the game some sort of droning and it was then i realised I could hear coronation street from the other room. No problem you say just volume up and carry on the carnage…that’s where the problem was I had no more volume. This is a big problem and one i honestly didn’t want to happen with such a fantastically built headset.


Before I receive rookie mail;

“did you go into your PS4 settings and up the volume there?”

Answer: Already done before I started the game.
This is an unfortunate end to what i thought was going to be a fantastic headset I want to love these as i love how huge they are, the design, the removable microphone and the preamp design but Volume is of huge importance. Herein lies the problem if the Y300-p cannot fully immerse me in the game then they will take a backseat to the designated PS4 headsets that are coming through.

ThrustMaster has the potential to stand up and be noticed but they need to shout a little more.


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