Been on hiatus for 2 weeks but to bring us back in to the swing of things we have the black ops 3 teaser/reveal. Before I throw my 2 pence into the mix check out the trailers below!

‘Ember’ Teaser

Full Reveal Trailer

4 Player Co-op has been thrown into this iteration of the worlds most popular video game franchise (by sales figures) meaning that Treyarch have had to steer away from their linear heritage to a more open offering. Players will have more than one way to complete a mission allowing for team work to play a big part in completing your objective.

Zombies is back with its own XP tree meaning more playability and giving it more of a standalone title feel (hint hint Treyarch) levelling and upgrading yourself as you go seperate from your multiplayer jaunts.

If I’m honest it looks very similar to advanced warfare and how much flexibility we will have with the mind control ability remains to be seen but could tip the balance as long as their not just QuickTime moments.

Out November 6th – pre order now and you will receive a multiplayer beta code – more on this when we receive a release window.

Will you be pre ordering?


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