So we return with a bit of an oldie that has been rejigged, rehashed and now rebooted.

Need for speed holds a very special place in my heart as I am ancient enough to have played all of the original games and my favourite was need for speed hot pursuit followed by underground.

If you were lucky enough to get a beta code through pre-order or otherwise [cheers Mark!] You’ve already experienced this game and its different.


Cutscenes are live action. Not a new aspect in any sense of the gaming world but its done well. The actors are actually likeable with their set personas drawing you into the story arc.

The fmv’s play out like a series breaking up the game nicely and don’t weigh to heavily on your game time.

I picked my “ride” a Honda civic as I’m of the generation of hot hatches and an old Sierra made me feel older. I went about the first few missions collecting in game money to modify my car and came back to the garage.

Those of you who played the original NFS:Underground will remember the Joy of painting a £100,000 car pink bolting a plane wing to the boot and watch as the multiplayer community would laugh until you disappeared in a cloud of dust! This Need For Speed is back…

You can modify most parts of the car. Wheelsize, width, camber, front splitter bumper, bodywork. The list does go on, full engine mods exist with the ability to upgrade your brakes/handbrake and increase/decrease sensitivity to your preferred driving style. The same goes for the handling and this really gives NFS the personal touch the previous games missed, change a slider between grip and drift to give you the control over your car you’d like. You can set it at a beautiful sweet spot between both that gives the fantastic drift that makes for video uploads aplenty!

Not to leave the real petrolheads out the game has far more intricate settings to be able to set individual parts if the car up to their OCD specifications including gear ratios [ED if I touch gear ratios my car goes from 6 speed to 2 with a 0-60 of 1 and top speed of 5].

If your wondering whether the over the top mods exist, they do and do not affect cars performance! The 13 year old boy/girl racer in all of us can rejoice at creating a giant piece of tate modern artwork out of a Japanese hot hatch that can out accelerate a Lamborghini murcielago.


This is only a beta but my God it’s fun! Something that is missing from so many games that exist now that word ‘fun’ I recommend this game to all racers and non racers alike. It gives you a purpose and objective but also gives you a city to drive round like a lunatic if you so wish. Oh and then police are great fun….


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