No Man’s Sky is a new IP from Hello games that looks to shift our gaming staples from objective based story to becoming…well whatever you want to be!
A new 15 minute gameplay video which we’ll call ‘Anthony’ (you’ll understand watching this video ED) showcases the gaming mechanics running around a 100 metre area collecting resources and massacring poor defenceless alien creatures. The latter I all because Anthony is a ‘space jerk’ but it does pose an interesting question as to how will you play?

The one thing that is very apparent from this video is the sheer scale of NMS. The planetary gameplay of mining resources, crafting new tech and exploring new worlds is measured in kilometres. Once you enter your ship and leave the atmosphere your looking at the planet you were exploring and how insignificant the area of exploration was.


Look at the map and your measuring everything in light years! Every star you see has a solar system with planets, moons and asteroids that can be visited and not a single load screen in sight this is all done in real time. The sheer scale of the game is overwhelming, visiting a space station doesn’t mean wandering around the hangar, this ship has a whole lot of trading areas, rooms and what you’d expect a ship to contain.

The game has a lot to take in….well an entire universe.

The game has a lot to take in….well an entire universe. Could it be too big? Is there such a thing as too big? I’m excited by the prospect of exploring this universe but are we looking at whole weeks worth of gameplay to craft a single item.

Looks like we might be going back to the grind in a huge way.

No Man’s Sky is released June this year.


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