YES. I exclaimed as I opened the box, my favorite IP was back with a new design controller and a number of new tricks up it’s sleeve. Guitar Hero was revolutionary when it originally rocked into our home back in 2005 and to say I was excited may have been an understatement.

The new style guitar is a breath of fresh air taking the linear 5 buttons and adding a sixth but rearranging the position to allow more natural guitar chord types. [ED basic/beyond basic chord types]. Arranging the buttons this way allows for a wider audience as the older style controller limited a lot of my peers as they physically could not cover all 5 buttons within their hands stretch range and this put them off. The buttons are responsive and the paddle has a more rubberized feel allowing for more grip. The guitar feels strong




As you can see from title image gone are the colour ways of old and now a more modern, sleek fretway is presented with the new black and white look. Black representing the top three buttons and white the bottom three. The runway can be changed with unlockable fretways and also your playercard can be changed as you progress. The main game is played from your point of view as if you were part of the band on stage possibly wearing google glass to have the fretway shooting into your face.

You play through a number of different shows and the set list changes accordingly, this is a straight replica of previous Guitar Hero games but adding a full crowd who react differently depending on your fantastic shredding or monkey banging a stick musical ability. The track listing this time round is varied and ranges from full on pop to the heavier metal variety but feels limited. The tracklist in it’s entirety is 42 songs which to be honest is 4 albums and may seem like plenty for most I found some of the tracks boring to play and I avoided Katy Perry i’ll admit.




A new foray into the world of Guitar Hero is the new TV option. I do not stop playing this. You can set your difficulty and then your dropped into the actual music video of the current song in the playlist. These tracks vary and get changed periodically and are not the same as what’s available in the main game which is refreshing. There is a progression system and the further you progress the more points you gain towards fretway unlocks, player cards and to buy songs to play from the GHTV playlist for 24 hours freeplay.

The part of this I love the most is the fact when you play GHTV it’s against other players and there is a satisfying sliding score board on the right to see how you stack up. Now the way this is rated is by points and doesn’t take into consideration the difficulty level you are playing. Your not matched into your difficulty so where you maybe coming 4th playing Advanced 2nd place might be playing on casual, as you can see this can get frustrating fairly quickly [*cough* didn’t have to replace a guitar] but is still great fun nevertheless.

In summary if your a guitar hero fan then it’s a must buy in my eyes, fun and quite intuitive the learning curve is steeper for people who who haven’t played this type of game before but you soon pick it up. With the current pricing of this game being so low [get the supreme party pack!] you can enjoy it with friends and family alike.


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