Far cry

An opening sequence that’s worthy of a really scary eerie horror game. Elements of outlast 2 spring to mind and many other shit ya knickers style games and it grasps you straight away.

I was worried the rest of the game would fall short after such an amazing opening sequence, oh how wrong I was!!!

The father (Joseph Seed) … the main honcho, El Capitan, the boogie man himself in my opinion was a very realistic and believable bad ass son of a bitch. Many times when he popped up and preached his gospel.. I’d be like ‘ hell yeah I’ll join you and not wash for 3 months and pillage a town’.

Just shy of 60 hours I spent in Hope county and loved every minute of it, ( you’ll notice I’ll include my play time with all the games reviewed so that I’ve given it my attention and not just stuck it on for 3 hours ). The direction of areas I liberated in my play through started at John then Faith and finally Jacob.
After reflecting back these were the best scenarios I could have undertaken in my experience as the balance and pace of the story flowed fluidly.
If I had started with Faith, it would have started my journey on a not so cheerful beginning, not giving me as much drive to continue as I did… if you play this region you’ll understand why!, some trippy old school shit man that leaves you gasping for reality.
With Jacob just behind in the mind warp of fucking nightmares.

The characters and livestock you meet are perfectly on point, bringing a lot of hilarity and stern interaction on your travels.
They don’t always do what you tell them, but then what games Ai does.!?
The soundtrack of far cry 5 also has to be one of its best in its series.
Marvin Gayes ‘ let’s get it on’ kicks in while you’re trying to chop a bulls nut sack off while he’s humping a cow is a moment I’ll cherish forever.

Everything is real-time to a certain degree and the environment feels and looks amazing.
The Game feels like a far cry game… but also battlefield hardline, sniper 3, and some other games which I can’t remember right now but I’m sure it’ll come to me. The only downside to this otherwise outstanding game is the multiplayer or Arcade as it’s plastered all the way through the game. It tarnished and made the game a little tacky for me, the multiplayer was more of a hub for gamers to create their own mini maps and online worlds. Not my cup of tea but then that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something…
Oh yeah, the end (well multi endings) don’t complete this game is the only advice I can give you!!!


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