So…. God of War.

I could relate to kratos in my ways, a grumpy bastard with no patience for children… thats a slight exaggeration, I’m not that grumpy… but still all in all kratos is dealing with the burden of raising his kid without any tax credits or benefits.

Unwanted attention is always going to find kratos. And it starts with a few minor enemy’s before ‘The Stranger’ appears. I loved this guy, he was the equivalent of Tai Lung from Kung fu panda

You don’t meet a huge amount of characters, so it’s less filler with bollocks and more concentrated on quality of each character.

The dwarf brothers have there unique look on life and every visit to there upgrade stations are always refreshing and welcoming to your travels. Even if Brok is telling you to ‘fuck off’ every time.

The ai controls of your son are not the best. Many a times I clobberd the shit out of him with my axe for being in the way! He stands in the most stupidest of places when fighting and doesn’t listen to a fucking word I say!

That being said the relationship between them that builds feels true and relatable.

The PlayStations use of 4K checkerboard falls short in some aspects of quality and it shows, especially in the far off landscape, they have gone for a more field of view approach but it looks awful.

(There are plenty of options to mess about with the settings that might suit you better, I started it at default on a sony 55” 4K uhd and ps4pro)

Many other titles take a much more detailed look at its protagonist and surrounded area, ( second son, tomb raider, gears of war, horizon zero dawn) to name but a few. And considering god of war is the newer of these gaming giants, it lacked a WOW in some aspects, not that it didn’t shine in other parts because it does, Just me being a picky bastard!!!

just missing that sweet spot of perfect gameplay and graphics. I don’t want to have to choose at this point of resolution or gameplay. It should be both!!!

You start off with no hud and it feels and looks natural. As you venture forward a compass is given to you to track your goals… This in my opinion was not needed as the world you traveled didn’t feel that big that you forgot where you were going or where you had been. ( this feature can be turned off in settings. )

Other little tweaks that would have made this a whole lot more natural as well would have been to get rid of his health bar, let kratos naturally heal during fights instead of stomping on green glowing washing tablets….His running felt awkward, his legs would go one way while his body stayed straight. The gears of war feel is there but not well executed.

It’s linear concept is frustrating at the beginning, pushing you to travel from one end to another with just your size 12’s to get you there. Portal gates do become accessible as you progress which make it a lot more manageable to some extent.

The dwarven favours are almost as important as the main objective, heavily story lined and beneficial to your journey.

The pinnacle points of the story are well executed and straight forward if you want them to be… I strayed way off the tracks and ended up putting 50+ hours… I did a lot!!!

Every game I task myself with I believe a platinum is a worthy effort, just to give the game its full respect… I normally fail at the 60-80% mark though, defeated by life’s restraints of adulthood.

Overall though a quality driven story with lots to do, combat is fast paced and brutal. A well deserved first day purchase, not without its flaws, but overall an outstanding piece of gaming phenomenon.

Photo mode was a missing feature at launch, but is now being implemented soon. The game deserves this feature.

Several updates have been put in place since day one, you can feel the difference in some aspects but there’s a few more kinks to iron out before this is up to a perfect finish

If your still torn on whether to purchase or not, check out a few vids on YouTube. Namely this guy!!! This guy rocks 😉


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