The new Games with gold launched this 1st of the month, starting off with super mega baseball 2. A brand new release that has a £29.99 price tag in most places.

Accompanying it for the backwards compatible on the Xbox is the classic Streets of Rage…oh my sweet Mary and Joseph on a dirty weekend in Brighton, this brought back some memories.

What I found out also this month is, Team 17 that brought you (The escapists, yooka laylee, overcooked, plus many others, ) are releasing Raging Justice. A modern day type of streets of rage crossed with a bit of Dead rising… but without the zombies.

Continuing from the middle of the month will be Metal Gear Solid…(mutters under breath…long live Kojima..)

And then one of the most underrated games I think ever made, Vanquish.

A high octane body mech action game that kicks ass.

Enjoy this month and we’ll keep you updated with next months goodies as soon as there available


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