So following some over zealous YouTuber we have a leak (UPDATE: Epic’s hand has been forced to release this information now so I’m not leaking your leaking) and a 15 minute video was shown with Fortnite’s new creative mode.

Think Minecraft – but Fortnite….with cartoon graphics not 8 bit…..and guns…and bananas??? There’s no bananas but I am intrigued.

I lost interest in Fortnite as I’d had enough of being slaughtered repeatedly and the fun had gone. I can only play a certain mode of game for a finite amount of time and battle royale has filtered off for me now. The creative aspect does call to me being a Lego fanatic and the ability to build with infinite supplies makes it a very interesting prospect.

So what we know;

  • Infinite supplies
  • A in-game phone to call the above in
  • Prefabricated buildings can be called in
  • You can set up game modes
  • You have 4 private islands to build upon
  • Releases tomorrow (Thursday 6th December) for battle pass holders who can invite their friends to their islands to relax & play
  • Releases across all platforms for everyone 13th December.

This may drag me back for a short while…or until I’ve build the imperial star destroyer out of wood, like some sort of Darth Noah….the species went in 2×2 Jar Jar is banned as he loves ketamine and keeps trying to fornicate with the ewoks.

Trailer is below 😎

We are gaming. You are awesome.


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