We’re Back…

So after a rather lengthy hiatus we’re back! We endeavour again to bring our own review style and the latest reviews, news and previews when we can! VR is here and a rundown is on the way of what to experience if your delving into the world of looking like a lunatic to passers by […]

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Assassins Creed: Syndicate

That’s time of the year has come – a new Assassins Creed is on the horizon and an intriguing reveal snippet is doing the rounds.   Now in my opinion AC:Unity went back to basics with control scheme all the way to level design and a majority of players rejoiced. Co-op is still plagued by […]

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Black Ops 3

Been on hiatus for 2 weeks but to bring us back in to the swing of things we have the black ops 3 teaser/reveal. Before I throw my 2 pence into the mix check out the trailers below! ‘Ember’ Teaser Full Reveal Trailer 4 Player Co-op has been thrown into this iteration of the worlds […]

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Gadget Show Live 2015

Waking up is never my strong point and even more so than when it’s 6 am! (things I do for FV:R!) I’m travelling to Birmingham’s NEC to visit the Gadget Show Live. First thing I’m presented with is a 4 hour journey upon a bus which as we all know deep vein thrombosis is a […]

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