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The Division

The Division has been the topic of many discussions lately mainly negative due the lack of consistency in the game. If your someone who has never played The Division I […]

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Thrustmaster Y-300p Headset

With headsets arriving thick and fast from many of the major manufacturers I got hands on with the ThrustMaster Y-300p PS3/PS4 headset. Now I thought the Gioteck HC-4 was a big headset – I stand corrected, the Y300-p is HUGE. I mean this thing is gargantuan in comparison to most headsets but it’s also solid offering instant confidence that if […]

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Gioteck HC4

Gioteck have a fantastic history of providing value for money peripherals with good build quality and I am one of the fortunate to have grown up with this brand imprinted firmly in my psyche. For all of you that haven’t touched or placed upon your skulls a piece of Gioteck’s hardware you will not know the satisfaction of build quality […]

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TitanFall Standing on the shoulders of Giants

Titanfall is an unfamiliar beast. Whilst other next generation games are touting words such as ‘particle systems’, ‘dynamic lighting’ and ‘contextual awareness’; Titanfall has only one simple aim: set a new bar for online multiplayer gameplay. This approach is refreshing, bold and definitely a gamble that pays off. What Respawn Studio has acheived is an experience that is not only fun, but […]