Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon:Wildlands opened a new chapter in the games long running history and a turn to openworld that seems to be the trend with new iterations of old franchises. Advanced Warfighter IMO was one of the stand out games for this franchise and I was looking forward to this announcement and have been playing this […]

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Guitar Hero Live! The Review

YES. I exclaimed as I opened the box, my favorite IP was back with a new design controller and a number of new tricks up it’s sleeve. Guitar Hero was revolutionary when it originally rocked into our home back in 2005 and to say I was excited may have been an understatement. The new style […]

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WatchDogs 2

The IP is back with a vengance and it’s clear this time round the devs listened to the many and made huge improvements on the last offering. The game takes place in a very detailed San Francisco with it’s open world element in full effect. This time the protagonist goes by the name of Retr0 […]

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We’re Back…

So after a rather lengthy hiatus we’re back! We endeavour again to bring our own review style and the latest reviews, news and previews when we can! VR is here and a rundown is on the way of what to experience if your delving into the world of looking like a lunatic to passers by […]

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The Division

The Division has been the topic of many discussions lately mainly negative due the lack of consistency in the game. If your someone who has never played The Division I strongly recommend picking it up. It’s a fantastic game the story and side missions give plenty to do and the dark zone is an interesting […]

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No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a new IP from Hello games that looks to shift our gaming staples from objective based story to becoming…well whatever you want to be! A new 15 minute gameplay video which we’ll call ‘Anthony’ (you’ll understand watching this video ED) showcases the gaming mechanics running around a 100 metre area collecting […]

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Assassins Creed: Syndicate

That’s time of the year has come – a new Assassins Creed is on the horizon and an intriguing reveal snippet is doing the rounds.   Now in my opinion AC:Unity went back to basics with control scheme all the way to level design and a majority of players rejoiced. Co-op is still plagued by […]

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